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Hygienically bringing in the new normal

At Glow Cleaning, our mission is simple. We are committed to providing the highest quality of domestic and commercial cleaning services by exceeding the expectations of our customers, helping to educate on the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Whatever your profession, Glow Cleaning will offer to do the jobs we can all put off which in turn will offer a better ‘work–life balance’ to our hard working clients.

Cleaner Home - Cleaner Business - Cleaner Environment



To be recognised and respected as the Eco, Go-to-brand for all aspects of hygiene and cleansing.

We will continue to improve the health and well being within homes and businesses as well as the environment by always providing the most up to date, Eco-friendly purifying systems on the market.

Dedicated to enhancing the new way we live and work through having a more sanitised safe and healthy environment to protect our people, pets and planet.

We will consistently monitor our quality and standards through regular client feedback and training so we can promise to be the best we can.


Purify - Protect - Promise



Immaculate Cleaning for Domestic and Commercial Services, building long standing relationships based on delivering a consistent promise

Our core values are far more than cleaning and are the bedrock foundation within the heart of everything we do, establishing the trust our clients have in Glow Cleaning.


We seek to set and provide a friendly high professional standard which is etched into our daily routine. To always put our client’s requests at the forefront of what we do whilst taking pride to deliver outstanding results, every time.


We care deeply about the service we offer to our clients who are the essence of everything that we do. We feel confident to be judged on our performance and our goal is to lead by example.


We have a strong belief in respect for all our clients, employees and community as well as having a great respect for our environment and planet.


To always be open and honest and have moral principles in which to build strong relationships from doing a great job. We take personal responsibility and accountability whilst choosing to have a positive attitude and always looking for solutions.


Celebrate success with everyone and treat all with dignity and respect. To support all in every way we can and to not lose touch with our core principles.


Site audits, risk assessments and communication will be a requirement to servicing our customers needs to help continue to improve on our quality and safety at all times. Client feedback is essential so we are clear and effective in all we say and do.