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Glow Cleaning will arrange for an assessment to be carried out on every property prior to work commencing to allow us to give a free, no obligation quote and to discuss the best services for you at this time. During this visit, we will take into consideration the size of the property as well as the areas of concern.


Articles of high value may be requested to be secured in a safe place and any areas to be cleared before each visit. We would also request that entrances are left clear of any obstructions to minimise risk and for our Clients to maintain distance measures during this pandemic period.


We are a Cleansing company however; we work in conjunction with other services which we are happy to recommend.

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Enhanced cleaning methods and precautions are recommended to help reduce the risk and spread of infection, even when there are no suspected cases of coronavirus within the property.


2 meter distance measures will be followed when entering all properties and Glow Operators will be equipped with the relevant (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment for each Cleanse along with disposable gloves and shoe covers.

We will ensure our hands are washed for more than 20 seconds before each cleanse and before applying gloves and this will then be repeated at the end of each duty.

To reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, more frequent cleaning is recommended in all properties, including those with no confirmed cases of coronavirus.

When cleaning, extra attention should be given to ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles and light switches, remote controls, kitchen, microwave, kettle and toilet facilities.

If there has been a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus in a property, it is recommended that the property is deep cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risk of transmission to other people.

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Understanding the steps to our cleaning practice is important for us to ensure our Clients know our processes when making the right choice on which of our services to chose from. This in turn will give comfort to our Clients knowing that their homes and businesses are purified and protected given them piece of mind as part of our guaranteed promise (P.P.P)

Glow Cleaning aim to use the most natural of products on the market to

help enable us to be Clean and Eco-Friendly, enhancing the purity of our environment.

We have chosen specialised products and equipment which have a

proven cleansing process to kill 99.99% of all viruses including


We will use the latest Electrostatic spray disinfection which

provides a 360 degree protective coverage for up to 30 days,

lowering the risk of further spread of infectious diseases and

viruses and is ideal for any industry.


The traditional cleaning products we use are non toxic, plant or vegetable based and are both Child and Pet friendly.

Where possible, we also aim to use recycled plastic cleaning bottles, as we are continually seeking new ways to help protect the environment we live in for our People, Pets and Planet.