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FAQ - Tersano iClean mini

Q) Is it true the iClean mini spray kills 99.999% of germs?

A) Yes. The stable Aqueous Ozone the iClean mini produces, has been Government Regulated and Tested at an independent ISO laboratory. It fully complies with British and European Standards for disinfectants.

Q) Is it safe to use on food and food preparation surfaces?

A) Yes. It is particularly effective in cleaning and sanitising food surfaces. Can be used to clean and sanitise in presence of food without the concern of chemical contamination. Since aqueous ozone reverts to oxygen and water, food preparation surfaces do not require post-application rinsing to eliminate potential harmful residues.

Yes. You can safely spray directly onto fruit and vegetables. proven to kill Salmonella, Listeria and E-Coli

Q) Is it safe to drink?

A) Although it is not intended for consumption, It is completely harmless if swallowed or accidentally sprayed in to eyes.

Q) Is the iClean Mini Eco-Friendly?

A) Yes. The solution is 100% free from any toxins or chemicals. The aqueous ozone water converts back to normal tap water when not in use, which means that all that goes into our drains and our atmosphere is simply water. In addition, the solution has Green Seal approval.

Q) Can the solution remove mould?

A) Yes. The stabilised Aqueous Ozone kills mould. In order to remove dead spores, the area must be scrubbed beforehand.


Q) Can I mix any chemicals to the water to make it stronger?

A) No. It can only be used with cold tap water. It must not be mixed with any chemicals as the Ozone is used to break down chemicals and will make anything added ineffective.

Q) Is iClean Mini Cruelty free?

A) Yes. SAO is completely harmless to animals and has not been tested on animals. This also includes humans.

Q) Why doesn't the spray have a fragrant smell?

A) What you smell in traditional cleaning products is a chemical that the manufactures add to the solution to create a pleasant scent. Theses often contain chemical compounds which may be harmful. Clean fresh air generally has no smell.